The mission of the Granville Arts Commission is to enhance the cultural arts in Granville and
to support artists, as well as artistic events, activities, education and programs that enrich the community

Arts and cultural organizations or individuals either based in Granville or benefiting the Granville community are invited to apply for funding using this form. Grants of $100 to $1,000 are awarded based on the proposal’s contribution to the mission of the GAC. To apply for a grant, submit a completed form and information, via email link above or via traditional post to:

Granville Arts Commission
Village of Granville
141 East Broadway
Granville, Ohio 43023

Applications may also be returned to the Village Office.

Grant Application Forms need to be submitted by the first day of the month to be considered at that month’s GAC meeting.

No applications for funding will be considered by GAC AFTER the program/event, for which application has been submitted, has occurred. Applicants will be notified of GAC grant decision.

Grant Criteria for Award

The Granville Arts Commission frequently receives more grant requests than can be accommodated by the resources available. Therefore, the Granville Arts Commission retains the right to accept or reject grant applications, to suggest changes, and to support grant requests in full, in part, or not at all. In reviewing applications the GAC is guided by:

  • The artistic merit of the proposed activities.

  • Service to the community – how well the proposed program will bring the arts to the local community.

  • The ability of the applying individual or organization to carry out the proposed activity.

Requirements for Receiving Grant

  • The proposed arts activity must primarily benefit the Granville area community.

  • Grant funds should be used as applicant has indicated on the application.

  • GAC will provide only one (1) grant award for any given event.

  • All activities supported by GAC grants must be open to the public and accessible to persons with disabilities.

  • “Sponsored in part by Granville Arts Commission” must be included in marketing information and displayed at the site of the activity. GAC logos (JPG and PDF format) are available for download HERE.

  • Grant funds may not be used for “party art” (such as magicians, face painting, hair braiding, balloon sculpture) or for food, capital improvements or fund-raising events.

  • Grant funds may not be used for business start-up costs, for-profit businesses and/or professional memberships or conferences.

  • Grant funds may not be used to fund parts of the regular school curriculum.


Receiving Grant Dollars

To process receipt of grant funds, the grant recipient needs to:

  1. Submit an invoice and receipts identifying how the grant funds were spent to the Commission ℅ Marilyn Sundin, Treasurer, at 1670 Welsh Hills Road, Granville, Ohio 43023.

  2. Submit a final report within 30 days of completion of event, including copies of event programs and advertising materials. The reports help the Granville Arts Commission to document grant history for future grant funding.

  3. No additional grants to the organization will be considered until Invoices, receipts and final report for a previous grant have been received.