2018 Annual Report


The Granville Arts Commission completed another busy year. The

Commission received twelve grant requests totaling nearly $11,200 all were approved but some at lower levels. We approved a total of $9,520.99 in 2018 which includes some small website maintenance costs.

A few small grants combined into a larger one to reduce administration. Among the approved requests were Bryn Du Mansion art exhibit, Hot Licks Blues Fest, Vintage Voices, Suzuki program, Granville art and candlelight walks, Bryn Du Arts Center, Denison choral concert,Granville Kiwanis Club and art awards to Granville HS students.

Grant recipients reflect the mission of the Granville Arts Commission to support artistic events and activities which are open to the public and enrich the quality of life in Granville. Funding was made to fiscally responsible and well-managed organizations capable of carrying out their proposed activities for positive effect.

Amanda Love resigned from the board and was replaced by Angela Katona representing the Chamber of Commerce. Angela will switch to representing the Granville Foundation and the Chamber is expected to nominate a replacement for her. Wayne Piper resigned representing the community-at-large. Since village council has requested that only one such member remain on the board, Wayne will not be replaced.

The Granville Arts Commission appreciates Jackie O’Keefe being exofficio member representing Council. The Granville Arts Commission thanks Village Council for its continued support.

Respectfully submitted,

Jurgen Pape,

Chair, Granville Arts Commission 


The Granville Arts Commission
is made up of representatives from:

Granville Village Council
Granville Township
Granville Area Chamber of Commerce
Granville Historical Society
Bryn Du Governance Commission
Granville Recreation Commission
Granville Community Foundation
The Community at Large
Denison University


Current MEMBERS:

  • Jurgen Pape - Chair, representing the Bryn Du Governing Commission

  • Lois Foreman Wernet, representing the Granville Village Council

  • Mickey Smith, representing the Granville Township Trustees

  • Marilyn Sundin, representing the Granville Historical Society

  • Neal Zimmers, representing the Granville Recreation District

  • Angela Katona, representing the Granville Foundation

  • Kyle Morgan, representing the community-at-large

  • Laurie MacKenzie-Crane, representing Denison University

  • Jeff Watkins, representing the Granville Area Chamber of Commerce

  • Jackie O'Keefe, liasion from Village Council








Suzuki Winter Prog. - DU Suzuki

Granville Art Walk:  Jan.-March - Granville Area Chamber of Commerce

Consultant Fee  - Arts Collaborative of Granville

Student Art Show - Bryn Du Arts Center

Bryn Du Exhibit - Bryn Du Commission

Wind Ensemble - Veterans Day Concert at Denison University

Granville Art Walk:   April-June - Granville Area Chamber of Commerce

Pianos on Parade - Granville Village

GHS Artist Prizes - Granville High School

July 4th Photography Contest - Granville Kiwanis Club

18th Bluesfest - GFFTAOTB

Granville Art Walk:   July-Sept. -  Granville Area Chamber of Commerce

Portable Lighting for Bryn Du - Bryn Du Commission

Sheet Music - Vintage Voices